Alcoholic Beverage Management Policy

Effective 30 March 2017, per Management Committee Resolution, the GCYO has an established Alcoholic Beverage Management Policy in line with recommendations from OLGR. This pertains to all GCYO events. Event activities and responsibilities in relation to this Policy include:
  • GCYO to secure suitable licensing through OLGR
  • GCYO to purchase and price product
  • GCYO to provide suitable wine glasses/containers equating to no more than 120 ml per drink/glass; bottles may not be sold; only per glass
  • GCYO to manage stock-take, wine/beer reconciliation, cash reconciliation, reporting
  • Bring Your Own (BYO) food and drinks not permitted
  • At each event a nominated GCYO Organiser/Manager (cannot be an unpaid worker and or volunteer) must be appointed for ensuring adherence to necessary regulations, and the name of same must be advised via email to at least 10-days prior to the event
  • Performing members of GCYO may not sell or serve alcoholic beverages
  • Performing members, conductors and or other paid sub-contractors of GCYO may not consume alcoholic beverages at GCYO
  • Sellers/servers must adhere to QLD Liquor Laws and Regulations
  • Sellers/servers may not consume alcohol during service
  • Separate accounting for alcoholic beverages must be maintained; this includes a separate cash register to be used
  • Empty bottles and unsold beverages, including opened unused wine, must remain in canteen (stock-take and cash reconciliation will occur the next day)
  • No freebies or unpaid drinks are to be offered or taken by any person, including but not limited to, the Management Committee, volunteers, conductors, audience members, outside performers and or sub-contractors