Audition Application Form

Audition Application Form

  • Applicant Details

  • Audition preferences - Group/s and instrument/s

    Please nominate the orchestra/s and or band/s in order of your preference. A second or third preference is acceptable. When considering the group(s) for which you wish to audition, consider how your ability matches the requirements of each orchestra or band. See

    Fee: A $40 Audition Registration Fee applies for each audition taken or submitted.
  • It is expected that all applicants will be regularly studying with a music teacher; please provide details:
  • Media and Information Consent

  • Please confirm (or not) your permission for the GCYO to use your photo and or video and information as specified.
  • Code of Conduct

  • To this end, the GCYO asks all members to uphold the GCYO Code of Conduct, values and modus operandi detailed at
    Please review the Policies indicated and confirm (or not) your willingness to accept these as a condition of your Membership.