The Gold Coast Youth Orchestra (GCYO) provides a broad range of orchestral and band experiences to complement and enhance the ensemble offerings musicians receive in schools, and includes weekly rehearsals, tutorials and performances each term.

The GCYO offers a unique experience for young musicians; an offering not readily duplicated. Membership and Placement into an ensemble is done through an independent audition process.

Young musicians aged from 8 to 25 years are invited to apply. 

Applications are closed for the current year 2021 – If you wish to enquire about mid-year entry (dependent on vacancy), please contact the office at:

Key Dates for 2022 entry*

*Please note that these are Proposed Dates and are subject to change

  • 20/8/2021 – Applications Open
  • 24/9/2021 – Applications close
  • 3/10/2021 – Music Excerpts online
  • 23/10/2021 – Auditions held at GCYO   
  • 30/11/2021 – Audition results emailed

Audition preferences – Group/s and instrument/s

  • Please nominate the orchestra/s and or band/s in order of your preference. A second or third preference is acceptable.
  • When considering the group(s) for which you wish to audition, consider how your ability matches the requirements of each orchestra or band.
  • To audition on two separate instruments e.g. Violin (JS) and Saxophone (LBB) OR Double Bass (YS) and Bass Guitar (BB), two audition forms need to be completed at a total cost of $80 ($40 for each audition)
  • If you, for example wish to audition for YS on violin but would accept placement in JS if the first choice is unsuccessful, you MUST prepare the excerpts for YS only, being the higher standard excerpt. This will require one audition form only at a cost of $40. You will need to complete a first preference and second preference.

Audition Fee 

An Audition Fee of $40.00 per audition applies and should be paid on application.

Please direct deposit monies to the following account:

Bank – Bank of Queensland
Account Name – Gold Coast Youth Orchestra Inc.
BSB – 124 199
Account – 2030 1230
Reference – Musician Name