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Conductor Application

Applications for service in 2018 are due no later than 1 December 2017

Conductor Application

Thank you for your interest in serving the GCYO. Review, complete and submit.
  • Job Description

    The role of a conductor at the Gold Coast Youth Orchestra who reports to the Music Director, is to plan, direct and develop the music activities of the specified group and uphold:

    The GCYO Policies and Procedures (as detailed on the Conductor's Intranet) include but not limited to:
    a. Governance
    b. Orchestras and Bands Management including Group Development Plan
    c. General Administration

    a. Conductors' positions are not salaried
    b. Conductors are part-time independent contractors as defined by the Australian Taxation Office
    c. Conductors are expected to hold an ABN
    d. Effective 2018, the fee is $67 per hour for rehearsal and performance delivery based on GCYO's online calendar. Rehearsal must commence at the nominated time and end no earlier than the nominated end time. EG: Tuesday rehearsal start is 5.30pm and end is 7.30pm; Thursday is 4.45 - 6.45pm and Friday 6.30-9.30pm. Set-up and set-down is not included in this rehearsal time; which is based on industry standard. The hourly fee is subject to budgetary restraint. In addition, conductors are required to attend no more than 4 meetings per annum when convened by the Music Director.
    e. Conductors are paid for 2-hours Gala Concert delivery per annum; all other concerts to be invoiced separately; subject to change
    f. For the period of service, conductors will receive 2 complimentary seats for the Gala Concert; subject to change
    g. GCYO will remunerate after receipt of Conductor Invoice, which is required after service is rendered; invoice must be of frequency not less than one month. GCYO will settle the invoice within 14-days of invoice receipt
    h. Conductors may request limited absence (no more than 15% of service hours per agreement i.e. per year) by completing the Absence Request Form. Conductors are not remunerated during periods of absence.
  • Describe ways in which you plan to develop the GCYO orchestra, ensemble and or band in 2018. Consider: proposed repertoire, concerts, camps, tours, tutorials, workshops and any other activity to support the GCYO group.
  • Conductor Details

  • Select from drop down box.
  • Details to be current throughout the service and or calendar year. Changes to be advised immediately to
  • Blue Cards are mandatory for all music educators working with GCYO members.
    Originals to be sighted at GCYO with a copy maintained for Records.
  • Emergency Contact

    Please nominate
  • Agreement

    The Gold Coast Youth Orchestra commits to encouraging a safe, supportive, welcoming, respectful and productive environment for all. High quality service delivery is paramount.

    Conductors providing service to GCYO are required to uphold the GCYO values, code of conduct, policies and procedures and modus operandi as detailed at the Conductor Intranet and
  • Media Consent

    The GCYO uses newsletters, articles in newspapers, brochures, websites and other electronic media to publicise to our members and the wider community. Please confirm (or not) your permission for the GCYO to use your photo and or video for marketing purposes.