Fire Safety Management

Policy Statement

The GCYO aims to ensure that musicians, conductors, contractors and visitors are protected from the risks of fire. The GCYO has systems and procedures in place to safeguard the working environment and to ensure that fire systems and associated requirements are properly maintained in accordance with relevant legislation.  These systems and procedures are codified in the Fire Safety Management Plan and Fire and Emergency Evacuation Procedures.

The following fire safety legislation is applicable in Queensland and to the GCYO:

Fire and Rescue Services Act Queensland 1990

Building Fire Safety Regulations Queensland 2008

Work Health and Safety Act Queensland 2011

National Construction Code (Building Code of Australia 2011)

Evacuation Exercises and Procedures

Fire evacuation exercises will be carried out annually by Group Conductors in week 1 of each new year. The purpose of these exercises is to educate building occupants in the correct manner of evacuating a building in the event of an emergency situation and to meet GCYO legal obligations. Fire and emergency plans are prominently displayed throughout GCYO.

All evacuations must be conducted by the Group Conductors using these guidelines, which includes:

  • Instruct evacuation
  • Direct occupants to proceed quietly and quickly to the nearest exit and to assemble in the designated area (north end car park)
  • Close doors to prevent spread of fire and smoke
  • If it is safe to do so, use the appropriate fire extinguisher to put out any fire (do not attempt to fight a fire if the fire is large or if you are not familiar with the use of the fire extinguisher).
  • Contact Fire Service
  • Check that all occupants are safe and enable the speedy return to the building when the “all clear” is given
  • For the purposes of evacuation procedures, people should be considered as disabled if they are unable to evacuate the building without assistance, or if their time to exit the building would be much greater than the average building occupant. Group Conductors should be aware of persons with a disability within their group and assist.