The following Policies and Procedures are designed to assist, guide and provide parameters for sub-contractors and or volunteers in their service to GCYO. Adherence to GCYO Policies and Procedures is a condition of service. Changes and or updates occur as required. Major Policy and Procedural changes will be advised via email; however, should you wish to monitor minor non-Policy changes, there are several public, not endorsed by GCYO, website monitoring detections are available for personal assessment, consideration and use. Please click hyperlinks below to access full information.

Why have Policies and Procedures?

  • To ensure legal and other mandatory State and Federal requirements are met
  • To provide a framework within which GCYO operates
  • To define what GCYO does and how we do it
  • To provide guidelines on what individuals can and cannot do; what decisions individuals can make and what activities are appropriate
  • To ensure we don’t continually discuss and re-discuss the same issue/s every time they arise
  • To avoid unnecessary reminders and follow-ups for deadlines clearly articulated
  • A clear policy framework means there will be fewer misunderstandings or debates about what to do in particular situations
  • To ensure transparency and consistency in the way GCYO operates as an organisation
  • To use as a tool for quality improvement

General Administration

  • Conductor application to provide service.
  • Calendar: schedule of terms, concerts, events and other activities
  • Conductor deadlines
  • Concert repertoire – upload required 10-days prior to Concert/performance
  • Conductor absence request: complete this online form when a conductor is unable to attend a scheduled GCYO rehearsal, concert or event. For urgent matters contact the General Manager
  • Replacement conductor or Tutor Services:per resolution 7 January 2019, depending on the frequency of service, replacement conductors and or tutors teaching/tutoring GCYO child musicians if registered as a teacher with Qld Ed may or may not require (e.g: if a replacement conductor and or tutor works at GCYO on an infrequent basis, just the Qld Teacher Registration is sufficient and GCYO will recognize this as an exemption; click here for details) a Blue Card or a exemption. Due to frequency of service, group conductors require a Blue Card or Blue Card exemption;click here for details. Group conductors seeking a temporary replacement or tutor assistance must make this Policy clear before requesting the replacement conductor and or tutor’s service. See below for procuring services.
  • Adjudicators for auditions: per resolution 7 January 2019, the fee is capped at $60/hour. Travel fees are not paid by GCYO.
  • Purchase Requisition: complete this online form to request an asset purchase. Do not order, buy or recruit before written approval from the General Manager.
  • Music Library: a hard copy in office with Attendance Record; for Excel version contact
  • Alcoholic Beverage Management Policy
  • Personal emails for Members of the Management Committee (MC) may not be used, per resolution August 2017. Instead, for GCYO business, conductors are required to use
  • Any and all communication that includes any discussion about or relating to GCYO must have a CC to

Communication Vehicles

Orchestras and Bands Management

The following details the modus operandi for GCYO orchestras, ensembles and bands. Duplication where apparent is intentional.

  • audition/s
  • promotion
  • application
  • adjudication
  • placement
  • member advice
  • fees
  • register of applicants
  • register 

Concerts and Events

  • Promotion: direct mail, Facebook, YouTube, collateral distribution, email, text
  • Management and running sheet
  • Program design and production
  • Audio-visual support
  • Theatre lighting management
  • Guest orchestra/ensemble/band events. Note: conductors may not contact clients or prospective clients directly without approval from GCYO at


The following addresses the mechanisms and processes by which the GCYO is controlled and directed. (Duplication where apparent is intentional.)