Augmentation Policy

An Augmenting Musician, per Management Committee Resolution 3.5.14, is a musician playing a specified instrument the GCYO cannot source but demands for effective orchestra or band rehearsal and performance. Furthermore, an Augmenting Musician may or may not be required to pay Membership Fees as determined by the Management Committee. Augmenting musicians are not paid by GCYO.

An augmenting musician only attends two rehearsals per term plus attends the concert. This policy is not designed for musicians to avoid paying fees.

Steps required to secure an Augmenting Musician for any GCYO Group includes:

  • Conductor to identify the need (gap mustĀ fit with Instrument Mix ideal)
  • Conductor to demonstrate lack of supply and efforts to secure
  • Conductor to request approval via email to source (at no charge to musician) from the Management Committee and GCYO office

Once approval has been provided, the GCYO will confirm expectations of musician.