As an Incorporated Association, the GCYO has legal obligations to the Office of Fair Trading Qld, the ATO and the ACNC. The Constitution specifies mandates and delimits activities.

Purpose and operation

The purpose of the Management Committee (MC ) is to address strategic/big picture, generally long-term issues. This means day-to-day issues (how we get things done) are infrequently addressed. It is beyond the purview of the MC to get involved in day-to-day running of groups, venue, volunteers etc – unless there is potential strategic impact. The MC is usually the final decision maker and or arbiter in complaints, particularly those that have been put in writing or are deemed to be in breach of GCYO’s Code of Conduct. All MC members must be current Blue Card holders or Exempt; current financial members and adhere to all GCYO and OFT Policies and Procedures.

GCYO is covered by QLD Regulations as an Incorporated Association and the GCYO Constitution governs the modus-operandi. An important tenet of our governance is that the Management Committee is a democracy and no one individual has more power or influence than another. The Chair, Secretary and Treasurer have specific duties, however, their roles are still of equal value/importance to all Ordinary/General Members. On the very rare occasion where a voting deadlock occurs the Chair rules. No subject is off-limits at an MC meeting; candid and informed comments of benefit to the GCYO as a whole is required. 

Responsibilities (Qld Legislation mandates all Reports submitted to the MC be in written format):

i.            Office bearers

ii.           Business Report: covers GCYO orchestra and GCYO venue. All matters open to discussion before, during or after Meeting. This Report is generally retrospective and provides information about what has happened. Strategic problems/issues that arise in the normal course of business will be referred to the MC at the time of occurrence.

iii.           Music Report: covers all ensembles/bands/music groups.

iv.           Finance Report: treasurer presents Finance Report/s

Proposed operational or Constitutional changes:  where a Member wishes to propose substantial change to the way in which GCYO operates, a written submission covering the background of the issue and the benefits to GCYO is required. Where a Constitutional Change is suggested, an Extraordinary General Meeting is mandated.

All proposals must be able to answer the following questions: 

why is the change proposed?
who will the change benefit?
provide details of time, resource and financial cost? 
what is the timeline for implementation?
who will implement?
how will the proposer for change be involved?

Certificate of Incorporation

Certificate of Incorporation June 1988


Incorporated Associations Act 1981

Associations Incorporation Regulation 1999

Incorporated Associations Smart Business Guide

Legal Requirements and Regulatory Mechanisms

  • Constitution see policies and procedures
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Conductor services
  • Member Register
  • Management Committee
    • Obligations
    • Accountability
    • Conflict of Interest
    • Procedures
  • Annual General Meeting
  • Annual Report
  • Appointing an Auditor
  • Lodging Annual Return
  • Incorporated Association Forms and Fees
  • Associations Incorporation Act
  • Associations Incorporation Regulation

Strategic Vision

Risk Management: subject to federal and state change