Values Statement

‘Values are the ideals that give significance to our lives, that are reflected through the priorities we choose,
and that we act on consistently and repeatedly.’

Brian Hall

Belonging to the GCYO is an honour and a privilege! To ensure we maintain a safe, productive, happy and encouraging environment, the GCYO invites all members to embrace the following values, which are embedded in our Code of Conduct:

  • respect (self, peers, conductors, tutors, parents, guests and the broader community)
  • honesty and integrity
  • hospitable and courteous behaviour
  • proactive, responsible care for others
  • celebration of everyone’s individual efforts and achievements, albeit in a collaborative team setting
  • celebration of diversity and inclusivity
  • a willingness to learn, coupled with a positive attitude
  • persistence with regular and ongoing practice – the bedrock of creativity
  • commitment to musical excellence (defined as personal best)
  • willingness to accept new challenges
  • mature resolution of conflict