Fee Policy

The GCYO fee structure is very competitive with an average cost of approximately $5/hour per rehearsal. There are no additional fees for tutorials, workshops of Concerts. To assist GCYO in the management of its own financial responsibilities, we offer a discount for all on-time fee settlement. Bank details below.

Group Annual Fee
with discount
if paid before
1 February 2019
Annual Fee
with no-discount
if paid after
1 February 2019
Youth Symphony $500 $570
Junior Symphony $500 $570
String Orchestra $460 $570
Big Band $460 $570
Little Big Band $460 $570

An audition fee $40 applies to all musicians per audition, or if there is a start later in year, a $70 late fee applies. In respect of the GCYO fees, please note the following:

  • The fee applicable at a start date anytime during (regardless of the date joined in the term):
    Term 1: 100% fee
    Term 2: 75% fee
    Term 3: 75% fee
    Term 4: not available
  • If a musician wishes to leave before the Term 4 concert, the fee is 75% regardless of departure date.
  • Should a musician participate in a 2nd or 3rd Group, an additional cost of $200 applies for each additional group selected, regardless of when the musician joins the second group (no discount applied). The second group is considered the group with the lower annual fee. E.g: if a musician participates in YS and BB; the second group fee is applied to BB.
  • The GCYO offers a one-off $50 family discount (where more than one musician/sibling performs; not per musician but per family). This is applied once and not per musician.
  • All musicians must be financial members to attend rehearsals and/or other GCYO activities and events
  • Fees including audition fees are non-refundable
  • Fees do not include instruments, instrument or other personal insurance, concert dress or tours
  • The GCYO will compassionately consider fee discount for families experiencing genuine hardship; written requests must be received before the first rehearsal of the year
  • Fees do not cover damage or loss to instruments; private insurance must be carried for all personal items

Fee Payment: please direct deposit monies to the following account:

Bank: Bank of Queensland
Account name: The Gold Coast Youth Orchestra Inc.
BSB: 124 199
Account: 2030 1230
Ref: musician name