Gold Coast Youth Orchestra

Celebrating 50 Years of Music Excellence in 2019

Rehearsal Policy

team workRehearsal Policy – be committed!

All GCYO musicians are expected to attend each orchestra or band event, including rehearsals, workshops, tutorials, performances and special events.

Full commitment to your orchestra is critical to its success.  An important part of this is consistent attendance, which is essential to maintaining a high quality musical experience for all members.  Absences are detrimental to the orchestra’s progress and counterproductive to each member’s personal development.As such, the GCYO requests that any absence be limited to urgent matters. Thank you for your consideration.

All GCYO musicians are expected to prepare for rehearsals which includes practicing repertoire between rehearsals. Each group’s effectiveness depends on every member – be a considerate team member and be prepared!

Don’t forget…  turn off mobile phones and other electronic devices during rehearsals – thanks!