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 Scholarship for Outstanding Commitment

The GCYO will offer scholarships for 2018 to musicians displaying ‘Outstanding Commitment’ to the GCYO during 2017. The Conductors and Group Administrators of each Orchestra and Band will nominate musicians for consideration. The Management Committee will assess all nominees and determine the final selection.

The criteria used when assessing potential recipients of the ‘Scholarship for Outstanding Commitment’ includes:

  • attendance at rehearsals, concerts and events for the year
  • a musician displaying exemplary commitment to and execution of the values of the GCYO, which include:
    • respect (self, peers, conductors, tutors, parents and guests)
    • honesty and integrity
    • hospitable and courteous behavior
    • proactive care for others
    • celebration of everyone’s efforts and achievements
    • celebration of diversity and inclusivity
    • a willingness to learn, coupled with a positive attitude
    • persistence with regular and ongoing practice – the bedrock of creativity
    • commitment to musical excellence (defined as personal best)
    • willingness to accept new challenges
    • mature resolution of confrontation and conflict

The Scholarship Value

Each recipient will be entitled to part reduction in membership fees to one GCYO orchestra for one calendar year. The proportion is determined by the number of recipients.

Scholarships are not based on performance competence, although this may still be of an outstanding standard.