Social Media Policy

GCYO recognises the importance of social media as a powerful communication tool and recognises that participation in online communities is a basic individual right. Social Networking Sites (SNS) as defined in this Policy includes, but is not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn. It also includes instant messaging (SMS), geospatial tagging-capable sites such as Instagram, and video or photo-sharing websites such as YouTube.

GCYO has a responsibility to manage its reputation and protect its members. The official online presence of GCYO is carefully managed by authorised and selected persons with the appropriate skill, knowledge and training to properly and effectively participate in social media online for the purpose of managing the online presence of GCYO. Only persons authorised by the Management Committee are permitted to cause official information to be published on the internet, including through social media sites.

GCYO recognises that members may participate in social media in their personal time and respects that what its members do in their personal time is their own affair. However, if during their participation in social media activity, a GCYO member reference their association with GCYO, or make comments or include content about GCYO, or any affiliated person or any of their affairs, they are required to adhere to the GCYO Code of Conduct.

In support of the Code of Conduct, the purpose of this social media policy is to provide direction on the acceptable use of social media as defined by GCYO. The policy differentiates between online community sites and personal SNS sites and focuses on the latter.


The principles of this policy are:

  • applies to all GCYO members when identifying themselves on SNS as having an association with GCYO or its affiliates, or that association is apparent.
  • conductors will not have or establish direct one-to-one relationships with any currently enrolled performing member through SNS.
  • members over the age of 18 years are accountable under law for their actions with members under age 18-years on SNS.
  • when using Social Media and SNS, all members are to exercise sound judgement and common sense and must give careful consideration to what they are saying, particularly when the information is relevant to their involvement in GCYO or identifies their association with GCYO. Where the information is relevant to their involvement with GCYO, all members must adhere to the GCYO Code of Conduct.


Where members do not apply this policy, members may be held responsible for online conduct where conduct harms, or has the potential to harm, the reputation or interests of GCYO and its members or its affiliates. GCYO appreciates that when members participate in online communities they may witness a suspected breach of this policy or negative, disparaging or inaccurate content about a GCYO member or its affiliates. These matters are to be brought to the attention of the GCYO Management Committee immediately via email or telephone 07 5597 2640.

GCYO or its affiliates or delegates may audit its networks and systems and review social media platforms periodically to monitor compliance with this policy. GCYO stipulates that members should recognise the potential for damage to be caused (either directly or indirectly) to GCYO and possibly other client groups in certain circumstances through personal use of social media, particularly where that person can be identified as a GCYO member. Therefore, it is critical that users of social media be aware of the risks and ensure that any risk of damage or detriment is minimised. Individuals are responsible for the content published on personal social media platforms and should operate within heightened privacy and security settings.

Therefore, GCYO employees, independent contractors, Management Committee, Conductors, Group Volunteers/Administrators, tutors and Members should not:

  • post material that is, or might be construed as, threatening, harassing, bullying, discriminatory or disparaging towards another member of GCYO
  • post material that is fraudulent, embarrassing, sexually explicit, profane, obscene, racist, sexist, intimidating, defamatory or otherwise inappropriate or unlawful
  • imply that the member is authorised to speak on behalf of GCYO, or give the impression that their views are those of GCYO
  • use or disclose any confidential information or personal information obtained in their capacity as a member of GCYO.

Consequence of Breach

Any breach of policies will result in prompt administrative action. Any GCYO member found engaging in these acts will be subject to disciplinary action, which may include verbal or written reprimand, caution, warning, suspension, refusal of entry to GCYO premises and/ or termination of membership and/ or services. GCYO members may also be personally liable for offences under Commonwealth and, or State and Territory legislation.

Updated November 2017