Privacy Policy

GCYO respects the privacy of its members and customers and understands the importance of protecting personal information. GCYO’s Privacy Policy complies with the National Privacy Principles embodied in the Privacy Act 1988. It explains how GCYO collects personal information and maintains, uses and discloses that information. It also outlines your privacy rights, our general rights and obligations and it explains how you can access the information we keep about members. This policy is binding on all contractors, including volunteers.

Primary purpose

Personal information is collected and retained concerning past and present members, parents/guardians of performing members, music teachers, contractors, audience members and other individuals for the primary purpose of running GCYO groups and programs. All information collected is used to manage the functions and activities of GCYO and the health, well-being and protection of its members. This information is entered and stored with an online database and in files in the GCYO Office.

Data collection

GCYO collects personal information in a fair and lawful manner, and only information required to manage and promote our organisation. When a musician applies for membership, the application form includes statements about privacy and requests for consent. Those privacy statements refer you to this policy where more detail is available on how any information about you may be used and disclosed in relation to your membership of GCYO. When you apply for membership, you consent to us collecting, maintaining, using and disclosing personal information about you and provided by you or by another person in accordance with this policy.

Type of data collected

GCYO only collects personal information, unless it is not reasonable or practical to do so or with your consent. GCYO does not collect or store information about its members with individuals or organisations not connected with QYO. Our membership application form requests information such as name, gender and date of birth; and information that enables us to contact you, such as address, phone and fax numbers, and email addresses.

Sensitive data

GCYO does not seek to collect sensitive information unless it is necessary, to satisfy the aims and principles of our organisation, or is necessary for the care and protection of our members. The following information, which may be considered to be of a sensitive nature, is collected but we do so in accordance with the National Privacy Principles:

  • Information obtained by the Criminal History Check, either from the Commission for Children, Young People and Child Guardian and/or the Queensland Police Service on potential adult volunteers and staff, is strictly confidential and securely stored.
  • Health and medical information shared by members to provide GCYO medical information that is essential to enable us to carry out our duty of care.

Consent policy

When you join GCYO, you agree that we may use your personal details to send you information about our organisation and its activities and services that we feel may be of interest to you, and to contact you periodically. You also agree to the collection of sensitive data for the purposes disclosed in this policy.

Use and disclosure

By signing the membership application form, you consent to us using your personal information in the following way:

  • To maintain a register of GCYO membership
  • To respond to your request or help us process any request for our activities or services
  • To administer the activities and services that GCYO provides
  • To communicate with you about the activities and services that GCYO may provide
  • To inform members of relevant internal or external activities, events, promotions or special offers that may be of interest
  • To ensure the safety, health and well-being of all members while they participate in GCYO activities
  • To provide personal details of contractors and volunteers to the Commission for Children and Young People and Child Guardian and/or the Queensland Police Service for criminal record checks in accordance with the State Government Child Protection Act 2000 and GCYO Policy and Procedures

Information integrity

Members are required to notify GCYO of changes to personal information.

Access to information 

GCYO is largely run by voluntary staff. The provision of personal details about members to volunteers and conductors is necessary. Access to personal information by non-GCYO contractors, except custodial parents and or guardians, is not permitted. Personally identifiable data is not provided to third parties.

Data security

GCYO protects members’ personal information from misuse, loss, unauthorised access, modification or disclosure. We have physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to protect members’ information held by GCYO.

Member rights

Members need not provide GCYO personal information about themselves or any other person, which may be requested in GCYO communications. However, without that information, GCYO  may not be able to process an application, fulfil members’ request to become a member or provide an appropriate level of service. 

Complaints resolution

Complaints will be resolved by GCYO as they arise.

Changes to GCYO privacy policy

The information presented in this policy relates to our current privacy standards and GCYO may vary these from time to time. GCYO will notify members of changes by publishing them on the GCYO website. We will not separately notify you of these changes in any other way.


The contents of this site are collated and presented in good faith. GCYO accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of the contents nor for any actions taken by any individual or organisation based on the information presented. The GCYO reserves the right to delete or modify any aspect of the information without notice.

Updated 1/3/2021